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We are exclusively inviting Dreamverse attendees to gain first access to the whitelist of the Biomimicry Genesis Collection. 


Sign up for the upcoming auction from the visionary house of Auroboros and receive an additional NFT artwork as a gift.


As the first luxury fashion house native to the metaverse, Auroboros, presents six looks from their history-making Biomimicry Digital Ready-To-Wear Collection.

With their viral debut at London Fashion Week 2021, they were the first to showcase a digital-only collection at a major international fashion week. 


Featured in-game and within open worlds across avatars, the Biomimicry Digital Collection connects the metaverse to our universe through multiple communities. 

Extending the Auroboros identity to social media through Augmented Reality, the AR designs from the Biomimicry Collection have been experienced by 3 million users and counting.


The dual nature of the Biomimicry Collection conveys an utopian vision with transformative material innovation via the brand's physical couture, which has the unique ability to grow in real-time, blossoming over a period of 6-12 hours. 

Coining the term Nature-Tech, Auroboros encompasses ecological and immersive design, utilising technology to elevate luxury into the 21st Century. 

  • Registry fee deducted from the final NFT auction

  • Access to Biomimicry Genesis Digital Collection & future exclusive drops

  • Early access to Auroboros Vault Membership launching 2022

  • Includes your first Auroboros collectible AI NFT limited to 500 exemplars


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